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A guide to picking up Navy sailors

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It's Fleet Week in New York, and for those who CAN'T EVEN figure out how to pick up a sailor on the lash... here you go, boys and girls, the NY Post is there for you.

Who knew sailors were so easy!

Lt. Jack Curran, 26, also of the USS Oak Hill, says showing up for a tour is great — and suggests a more blunt approach to chatting up sailors. “After you come on board, go up to a sailor, say, ‘I love the Navy!’ and you really shouldn’t have any problems,” he says. “All of the sailors are extremely excited to meet everyone.”

Um... anyone who has ever been in a bar with them?


I have never PERSONALLY picked up a sailor, but I have SEEN IT DONE :p

Oh, right!  ME EITHER, ME TOO!

Halibutboy did they just say "I love the Navy!" ?

I hear it also works to yell, "I love seamen!" in a crowded bar.

Or maybe just wear a tee shirt?

I love seamen

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