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Papas, please let your babies grow up to be princesses, by Sara Chipps on Medium

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The whole idea behind getting more women into programming is to introduce diversity. The reason why diverse teams create better products is the different backgrounds and experiences they bring to the table.

Bringing diversity to science and technology doesn’t mean that we socialize everyone as a white or asian male. We shouldn’t try to shoe-horn girls in to our own concepts of what the childhood of a scientist looks like.

By saying “forgo girly things for things that will get you interested in engineering” we’re saying “if you want to be girly, you cannot also be a technology creator, an inventor, and a world changer”. We’re teaching girls to change who they are in order to effect change as an adult.

So it's less about teaching a particular skill and more about teaching a mindset.

A kick-ass coding princess would be it's own kind of hottie!  Let's do it!!!

Well, speaking from a male, objectifying of women, point of view ... ahem.

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