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These are the fastest growing cities in America β€” and they are not N.Y. or San Francisco

These are the fastest growing cities in America and they are not N Y or San Francisco The Washington Post


"We’re now on the verge of having a renewal of the growth of the Sunbelt, which took a little bit of a hit during the recession and immediate post-recession years," says Brookings Institution demographer William Frey. "And this is likely to continue."

This is true at the metropolitan level β€” Sunbelt metros are growing faster than Northeastern ones β€” and new census population data out today shows it's true within cities, too. According to Frey's analysis, these were your fastest growing big cities in America over the past year: Austin, Orlando, Durham, Henderson, Nev., Denver, Fort Worth. All grew faster last year than they had the year before. Austin gained more than 25,000 people, Houston more than 35,000 (this includes net domestic migration, immigration and natural growth from births and deaths).

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Why are these cities growing? Low cost of living?


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