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Hacking Starbucks for unlimited coffee

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I wonder why Starbucks were such jerks about this.

The hardest part - responsible disclosure. Support guy honestly answered there’s absolutely no way to get in touch with technical department and he’s sorry I feel this way. Emailing on March 23 was futile (and it only was answered on Apr 29). After trying really hard to find anyone who cares, I managed to get this bug fixed in like 10 days.

The unpleasant part is a guy from Starbucks calling me with nothing like “thanks” but mentioning “fraud” and “malicious actions” instead. Sweet!

So what could I do to not feel like an idiot looking for troubles? I could create a simple bunch of fake gift cards bought around the world, silently generate credits on them and sell Starbucks credits online for Bitcoin with, say, 50% discount. It would easily make me a couple of millions of dollars unless Starbucks actually tracks gift card balances. I don’t know for sure, it’s just a wild guess that this bug could be pretty profitable.

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