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The Most Popular Book Set in Each State — in One Surprising Map

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Fun visualization of the most popular books set in each state! Would make a neat tool for road trips.

ps YOU WAS ROBBED, "Death Comes for the Archbishop"!

I'm going to have to say completely devastated that Jack London didn't make California nor Alaska, Catcher in the Rye in NY, nor  To Kill a Mockingbird in Alabama.

Speaking of roadtrips, my friend's book is very popular.

To Kill a Mockingbird did make Alabama. 

Catcher in the Rye was probably #2 in New York.

Brave New World was in New Mexico?!

Totally agree with you on Jack London, Greg! I've never read East of Eden myself, but my sense was that it isn't even Steinbeck's best book!

It's not but Grapes of Wrath is already up there as Oklahoma representing. 

The Stand?

The Stand appeals to Independents and Libertarians?

Today I Learned "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" was more popular than "The Stand", which has its climax in Las Vegas.

Not sure how Fear and Loathing is more popular than The Stand. 

So what are the four states that feature The Stand as its representative? Idaho, Vermont, Colorado and Arkansas. King has another book on the map, 11/22/63, in Maine.

Makes it hard to trust GoodReads ratings. 

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