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Tea'd Off: A Boozy Iced Green Tea Punch for Summer

A Boozy Iced Green Tea Punch for Summer 2015 by Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan's boozy green tea punch is the drink of summer 2015.

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How many people does this serve?!!? Asking for a friend who lives alone.

Serves 10, but I hear you.  Ten what?  :)

I hear green tea has a lot of antioxidants! For HEALTH, you know.

To your health!!

Isn't antioxidant just a fancy word for vitamin?

Antioxidants are a type of vitamin with certain properties.  They combat free radicals.  Not all vitamins are so talented.

Actually new research is challenging the view that free radicals are bad. They are like cholesterol in that they are CORRELATED with certain types of damage but not proven to be CAUSAL -- they might actually be part of the body's way of repairing that damage. So it's possible that antioxidants aren't doing as much good as people think.

So this drink needs a new selling point.

I've never seen an alcohol drink marketed as having antioxidants. 

I just made this drink as written and I would have to say it is REALLY REALLY weak if you're serving 10 people... like so weak in both alcohol and flavor that many of your guests might think they're drinking plain ice tea. 5 people, you have tall but refreshing drinks. Be sure to use the strongest-flavored green tea you can find.

Thank you for testing, for science!  So we must fortify the tea AND add more booze?

They call for sencha, which is quite grassy in flavor. I used green tea bags (don't hate!) which don't actually have a strong flavor that can stand up to the large amounts of mint and lime, ice and booze. The overall effect of my experiment was a bit more like a super-weak daiquiri than I think most people would enjoy.

When I hear "green tea" I think of grass flavor not fruit flavor. 

I've made large portions of Green Tea Punch (see the recipe) in less than five minutes by brewing fresh tea and cooling it rapidly with crushed ice. In this classic five-ingredient (tea, rum, lime, sugar, nutmeg) punch, earthy sencha tea is balanced by the bright mint tisane. Be sure to add the sugar while the tea is still hot (so it melts), and add the citrus after the tea cools down (so it doesn't scald).

Y U GOTTA BE HATER?!?!?! I did it for SCIENCE.

I'm not hating. I like grass flavor. But so do my cats. 

Tuxies gonna Tux!

Tuxedo cat nibbles cat grass. - PandaWhale

I'm just happy we're bringing back the word "Boozy"...

I never realized it had left. 

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