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The fountain of youth and health might be blooming in your front yard

An extract from a common flowering tree has been found in numerous scientific studies to stop tumors from growing, retard long-term cardiac damage, reduce anxiety as well as Xanax with fewer side effects, encourage better sleep, help prevent age-related brain damage, decrease Type 2 diabetes, help men live longer, and make your cells act younger at the mitochondrial level. Downside: best delivery mechanism might be an enema :/

The tree is the magnolia, which might be blooming in your yard right now. The compounds honokiol and magnolol have been found in many types of magnolia, including those native to the Americas as well as Asia where the bark of the tree has long been used in Chinese herbal medicine.

There are centuries of practice and numerous studies that show the stuff is safe for human ingestion in small doses. The question is whether oral ingestion is effective for medical purposes. Oh, and of course whether Big Pharma will have any interest in a medication that probably can't be patented.


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Magnolia sounds WONDERFUL but surely there's gotta be a better way to ingest it?!

In one of the experiments, they put a shot right into the heart cavity of the mice. Would you prefer that?

My heart says no but my brain says yes!

" MEN live longer..."? What about US?

Who is this US? Halibutboy is all man!

Obviously, apologies!  I spoke recklessly.

What about us FEMALES?

Plus, as my mother says: old man is like used car! It's running OK today, but you never know about tomorrow...

The link goes to an Italian website ... what, do I look like Gepetto; don't see no enema in the article –stronzo!  Haha!  

Here's the Google translate of the linked site:

"Did you know that the magnolia has been used for traditional Chinese medicine and today is regarded worldwide as a bark that has a lot of medicinal properties?

The extract of this plant is actually used in the treatment of a number of evils, and in particular is used for the treatment of allergic reactions, stomach problems, weight loss, anxiety, impaired respiration and halitosis.

What makes the bark of the magnolia so effective as a medicine in the treatment of many diseases: the main active ingredients are the compounds of bisphenol helpful to reduce stress and also to inhibit cortisol a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, more precisely in the zona fasciculata of the their cortical portion, is a type of steroid hormone, that is derived from cholesterol.

So the health benefits if you use extract of magnolia, are many: calm anxiety and stress without causing fatigue: the active ingredients of this plant, positively modulate the activity of several neurotransmitters and help normalize and protect brain function; The magnolia is also a powerful antioxidant, but it is not over: several studies show that magnolia extract inhibits proliferation of several types of cancer cells, and this could be a useful treatment for leukemia and that even a 'antiangiogenic activity significant, helping to deprive the tumor of blood supply; other studies, finally, show the effectiveness of the extract of magnolia in a variety of diseases such as septic infections common in hospitals, the treatment of inflammation and pain, prevention and control of asthma, fungal diseases and bacterial."

What's the Italian word for enema?  Innuendo.  :)

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