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Game of Thrones s5e7 "The Gift" gifs and memes

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Game of Thrones s5e7 discussion:

This is some Gladiator shit right here!

"My name is Ser Jorah Mormont, heir to the shamed house of Mormont, General of the Northern regions and loyal servant to the TRUE queen, Danaerys Targaryen. Son to a murdered father, a man without a wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."


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What’s frustrating to me isn’t the threat of savagery or even the graphic illustration of it. (If I can stomach a Hall of Fame drama ending with a soda commercial, I can handle a little light disemboweling.) The problem is that the longer Game of Thrones has run, the more I find myself seduced by the outrageous imagination on display: the epic sweep of the fictional cartography, the absurd intricacies of tax law and grain supply, the small flourishes of everyday life that dot the margins of every scene like stone men in the ruins of Old Valyria. To inhabit a universe so richly sculpted, so teeming with stories and then be constantly railroaded into familiar brutality is disheartening to say the least. There’s a whole world out there for the exploring, and we keep finding ourselves staring at the same abattoir walls.


The truth is there’s much to look forward to in the remaining hours of Season 5. I expect Winterfell to get a righteous sacking, and I love a good Jon Snow road trip. And, at long last, Daenerys has found a fire-breather she can’t lock in the basement. Tyrion has been away from power for so long that we forget how masterful he is at wielding it and (especially) advising those with more of it. After seeing the jokers Daenerys has surrounded herself with thus far, it’s a wonder she’s able to hold on to her hat, let alone three teetering megalopolises. Pairing the Mother of Dragons with the Killer of His Father is as exciting as it is overdue. The truth is, Game of Thrones desperately needs Daenerys to be a robust protagonist, not an antiwar metaphor. Unlike the other pretenders, her claim on the throne isn’t based on spite or prophecy. She carries with her a radical agenda of hope and change, and, if people aren’t buying that, she’s got dragons.

Daenerys doesn’t want to win the world as much as she wants to remake it. And as the story craters and dead-ends all around her, it’s time for just this sort of radicalism to take flight.


Jorah are you not entertained meme Imgur s5e7 the gift

Daenerys are you not entertained meme Imgur s5e7 the gift

Sansa Stark the worst ones always live meme Imgur Tumblr game of thrones s5e7

Cersei I immediately regret this decision meme Imgur Tumblr game of thrones s5e7 the gift

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