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Jessica Burciaga gets karate chopped in the ass by rough masseur

And for the record getting my ass karate chopped does not feel good, that technique has gotta go 👐
5:59 PM Sep 17 2012

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Jessica Burciaga got a massage "from a dude" today. It does not seem to have gone well.

Tweet at 5:51 pm:

I have never had a masseuse massage my nose, lips and he even stuck his fingers in my ears I'm so confused

God knows how she describes what happens to her on Saturday nights...

Jessica Burciaga

The actual name for "karate chop massage" (or massage percussion) is tapotement.

Sounds like the dude is doing it wrong. Here's how to do it right:

The more you know...


Lucas, you post pictures of women like that and my work suffers enormously. ;)

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