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You really can be drunk on love

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I did not know oxytocin had a dark side.

Anything good can have a dark side. 

What specifically are you referring to with oxytocin?

From the article:

Volunteers who take oxytocin nasally in lab tests may not lose their ability to walk a straight line or enunciate clearly, but they do become aggressive, risk-taking, boastful and even show more envy. Moreover, far from being the universal love drug that makes us want to hug the world, Mitchell found people taking oxytocin become more inclined to discriminate against those they don't see as part of their circle.

Yeah it's hard to reconcile any of those behaviors as loving. 

Perhaps the problem is taking it nasally?

Yes, or perhaps when occurring naturally other neuro chemicals are produced that keep it in check.

That seems like it would be a fruitful area of research: oxytocin + ??? chemical cocktails. 

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