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'Ultra Street Fighter IV' for PlayStation 4 has big issues

Ultra Street Fighter IV for PlayStation 4 has big issues


Turns out the PS4 port of Street Fighter IV isn't all that Ultra. Sony secured a next-gen exclusive for the fighting game and its sequel, but its release has been marred by complaints. The internet is awash with reports of severe slowdown in menus, moves not working as they're supposed to, sound glitches and bizarre visual bugs. Although we haven't noticed some of the more egregious issues, the game does appear to have some input lag, which is a massive problem for a title that is all about timing. The entire thing feels like you're playing online with a weak connection right now.

Ultra Street Fighter IV's botched launch is yet another example of companies offering up incomplete games for purchase. As we've highlighted before, several high-profile releases have been seriously compromised by bugs. Most recently, Xbox One users have complained about a glitch in Witcher 3 that prevents the game from saving. Like the developer of that game, Capcom is sure to patch the Street Fighter issues soon enough, but that's really no excuse for releasing a game in an unfinished state.

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Sounds like games have gotten too complicated.