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Deep Learning proposed by Shallow Minds – or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Singularity

Our main challenge is that we humans are notoriously unable to understand, let alone accurately anticipate, non-linear consequences from ongoing events.  And like prisoners of our own making, we're assembling parts of a potential technological guillotine that can end the human interregnum on Earth.  We've been earnestly progressing with "...speech recognition, image recognition, translation, and robotics."  And now Deep Learning is arriving with just one set of techniques — though a rather broad set — that is now serving all these fields.

As this article concludes, "The result: all of these fields are suddenly evolving at a much faster rate. Face recognition has hit the mainstream. So has speech recognition. And the sort of autonomous machines his team is working on, Darrell says, could reach the commercial market within the next five years. AI is here. But it will soon arrive in a much bigger way."

Yeah.  A MUCH bigger way, likely ending with a very brief "...oops".

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So are you embracing the singularity? If so do you have a particular reason?

Well, first off, this Stash is in my Irony folder...

Yes, it's ironic that you're embracing the singularity!

Btw you did not link to the article you're quoting:

And yes, it's the unknown unknowns of accelerating returns that frighten me most. 

In some ways we have no idea what's coming. 

Secondly, this sentence at this point in our entire history on Earth is the single greatest understatement in the existence of humankind: 

"In some ways we have no idea what's coming."  

So ok, not only is it "let's roll the dice", because they're already rolled, it's wondering whether or not we're playing Yahtzee with family members or craps with house money at the Sopranos...

In some ways we know exactly what's coming: the oceans are rising, humans will try to go to Mars, and computational power is still doubling every 18 months.

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