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Do you think Romney is a moderate?

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This is the first competent thing I've ever heard Romney say. I'm actually slightly tempted to vote for him instead of Gary Johnson.

It also confirms my thesis that Romney's strategy is to maximize his vote among the working class 'disgruntled' previously Reagan Democrat demographic.

Also... he barely stuttered. He usually stutters/clutters constantly to the point of looking like an idiot. I think this is the message he actually wants to be running on...

Romney's strategy is definitely to go after the Reagan Democrats.

My question is whether that voting bloc still exists.

And I agree, this is the message he wants to run on.

We'll see more of this attitude in the debates, I'm guessing.

Why didn't he run for Utah governor instead of Massachusetts?

It's unclear if he's pandering to his base, or if he truly believes it.

In either case, Mitt Romney is not a moderate.

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