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How to Stop Worrying | TIME

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First: Breathe. 

Here’s how to stop worrying and start being mindful:

  1. You are not your thoughts. Sometimes they’re downright ridiculous. Just because you think it, doesn’t make it true.
  2. Observe, don’t judge. Acknowledge the thoughts, but let them float by. Don’t wrestle with them.
  3. Don’t distract, immerse. Do not check your email for the 400th time. Take in the world around you. Turn to your senses. That’s real. Your thoughts and the stories you tell yourself about the world aren’t.
  4. Note or label intrusive thoughts. Yeah, the thoughts fight back. Acknowledge them. Give the intrusive ones a funny name.
  5. Return to the senses. Really pay attention to the world around you.

And when I say to pay more attention to the world around you, that doesn’t just mean things. It’s also people.

What ends a lot of relationships? “You don’t pay enough attention to me.”

When we endeavor to let the thoughts in our head go and embrace the world around us, we can focus more attention on the ones we love.

As mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn points out, in a number of Asian languages “mind” and “heart” are the same word.

So mindfulness isn’t a cold or clinical process. It might as well be translated as “heartfulness.”

Let the thoughts float by and turn your attention to the people you love.

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