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Richard Prince "Victim" Responds by Selling His $90,000 Artwork for $90

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"SuicideGirls has vastly more exploitative practices than Richard Prince. Richard Prince is one guy and the photos he picks are basically inconsequential in terms of what he does as an artist. On top of that, every article about him and his practices just gives him more of what he wants and validates the purchases of the people who paid for his prints by adding a controversial element to it. The trolling aspect is the point of his art and is what made him successful.

SuicideGirls, on the other hand, has an F from the Better Business Bureau and a history of underpaying basically ALL of their models and photographers and corralling them into non-compete clauses that damage their ability to earn a living from their work."

"Missy Suicide announced this sale on Reddit yesterday and was promptly torn to shreds by commenters calling SG out on their own predatory creative practices. Made for an enjoyable read. Naturally, she did not once respond to the critical questions."

I did not realize SG gets an F for its business practices. Wow.

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