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Google's Ingenious Plan to Make Apps Obsolete

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Card-based dev on mobile web!

Cards do seem to be the future for Google now that Google Now has embraced them fully.

More impressive, though, might be Google Now’s contextual awareness, its ability to know where you are and what you might need there. “We understand more than 100 million places,” Chennapragada said during her presentation. “Not just their physical layout and geometry, but also interesting things like when are they busy, when are they open, and what are you likely to need when you’re there.”

Those answers are summoned from the depths of Google’s knowledge graph, a collection of over one billion entities (sports teams, recipes, gas station locations, and so on) that might be useful to you even if you didn’t realize it. They’re also increasingly supplied by information housed in third-party apps—apps you have less and less reason to visit as Google Now becomes smarter and smarter. It goes beyond pure information, too; you can play Pandora stations in Google Now, or order groceries from Instacart.

Playing Pandora and ordering groceries speak to the future potential.