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Delivering Reality: To Succeed, Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project Can’t Please Everybody | PandoDaily

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In San Francisco, we live in the hip but ever-gritty Mission District, where there’s frustration aplenty. There are Michellin starred restaurants within walking distance of my house. But I dodge more human feces strolling my baby a few blocks to the park than I’ve seen in any emerging country I’ve visited. Weekends are littered with hookers on our corners, because San Francisco is one of the only cities in the Bay Area that won’t prosecute sex workers. We clean up used condoms from our sidewalk the next day, and dread having to explain to our child what they are.

Most vexing: There isn’t a single decent grocery store in walking distance because of the neighborhoods overly-aggressive anti-chain rules.


Suburban-raised folks love to feel they are living a gritty life, either by moving to areas like the mission, or by walking breaking bad and the wire.

It never cease to amaze me; people actually raised in gritty areas often want nothing more than to leave, whilst many folks raised in placid area want to experience "gritty."

Breaking Bad and The Wire are really good shows.

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