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How To Actually Be More Productive, By The Guy Who Designed Facebook's Productivity Tool

How To Actually Be More Productive By The Guy Who Designed Facebook s Productivity Tool


Optimizing your environmentTurn off all distractions.Find your flow time. Master your tools.

Optimize your mindTake regular breaks.Meditate.Take care of your body.Overcome procrastination by facing discomfort.

Optimize your processGet clarity of plan.Buddy up.Publicly commit to a deadline. Use software to track your work. Take time to reflect.

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Take care of your body.

  • Hydrate. At the beginning of the day, I put 5 tall glasses of water on my desk. I drink them all by the end of the day. Seeing them sitting there is a good progress indicator.
  • Eat well. A carb-heavy lunch is often a disaster for afternoon energy.
  • Take supplements. According to the book Power Up Your Brain:
  • • Vegetarian DHA: 1000mg daily
  • • Olive oil: 1tbsp daily
  • • Alpha-lipoic acid: 600mg daily, 30minutes before meals
  • • Coconut oil: Virgin, organic; 1 tbsp in morning
  • • Pterostilbene: 50mg morning & evening
  • • Sulforaphane: 30mg morning & evening
  • • Curcumin: 200mg morning & evening
  • • Green tea extract: 200mg morning & evening
  • Exercise. Cardio at least twice a week has been connected to productivity.
  • Fast. One day a month to one day a week.
  • In short, make sure you're using your time outside of work to get nourished, so that you have the energy to give it your all when you're at work.

Actually, Justin Rosenstein's answer is one of several on Quora.

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