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Women in STEM, still getting the worst advice on workplace harassment

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Ugh, what is more creepy -- professor trying to look down his postdoc's blouse, or a 76 year old female professor telling younger female scientists to just take it "with humor"? And it gets worse!

Alice Huang is a highly respected Caltech scientist but unfortunately she was completely wrong here.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time she was completely wrong:

But as scientist Elizabeth Dahl noted on Monday, the recent career advice was interesting in light of the fact that the now 76 year-old Huang married her postdoc advisorNobel laureate David Baltimore. And last fall, when a reader asked what to do about a male colleague who “rubs against” the females in the lab, she gently advised, “Someone he is comfortable with and who is nonthreatening to him should talk to him as a friend, informally, and advise him that his behavior is unacceptable.”

Note that David Baltimore was the President of Caltech 1997-2006 and has won the Nobel Prize.

Female scientists should NOT take it with humor. Bad behavior is unacceptable.

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