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Interview: Larry Dossey on Intention

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Intention Downloads Interview: Larry Dossey

Visionary: Larry Dossey, MD

Dr. Larry Dossey’s interview about intention begins with his personal story, facing an inferiority complex as he entered college. His willing, wishing and trying nonetheless resulted in giving the valedictorian speech at graduation. In this discussion with Marilyn Schlitz, Dr. Dossey cautions us about the current popularity of books and movies that promote intention setting for purely self-centered reasons. He believes it is arrogant to substitute his puny awareness for the higher wisdom. He begins each day with a prayer of gratitude. During his medical practice he would pray for his patients, not to be healed, but for the highest good. He sites optimism as being vital to good health and references a study from the University of Chicago that identified the three “C’s” to reduce stress: Control, challenge and commitment.

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