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Amazon Prime and Uber Are Changing the Map of Your City

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Optimistic view of how all the new on-demand services are reducing the need for private cars. I personally suspect the whole question is a matter of perspective: if you're looking at white educated liberal Millennials in a big city where they demographically dominate as a leading indicator of wider social change, could be... but if you see them as a pretty constricted demographic group, then the picture is less sanguine. Personally, I have a lot of friends in cities who 1) still own cars, 2) drive themselves less but take Uber more, 3) have not increased use of public transit or bicycles whatsoever -- which nets out to just as much or slightly more traffic but less PARKING contention. Remember that traffic problems have never in the history of driving gotten better -- because as soon as there is improvement, more people choose to drive and wipe out said improvement.

The only time I saw traffic improve was when there was a net population drop (like Detroit).

More people getting places means more traffic. 

What self-driving cars will change is more cars are able to travel, with many fewer accidents.

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