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Coming soon: Buyable Pins! Oh, How Pinteresting!

Coming soon Buyable Pins Oh How Pinteresting


We're always looking for ways to help you go out and do the creative ideas you Pin—whether that’s figuring out the ingredients for a new dish or installing an app to mix up your workouts. 


Lots of you have said that you’d like to buy the things you discover on Pinterest, too. Like @RebeccaStrebe who Tweeted, “It would be so great if Pinterest would let you buy all the clothes you Pinned #lifewouldbegr8" and @Brookecomans who said, “I wish there was a straight up buy button on Pinterest.”


Well, we’re excited to let you in on some good news! In a few weeks, we’ll be introducing buyable Pins—just another way to bring the creative ideas you find on Pinterest to life. 


Here’s how it all works. 


Blue means you can buy

When you spot a Pin with a blue price, you’ll know you can buy it right from the app. Searching for something specific? Use the price filter to hone in on just the right Pin. 

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So basically Pinterest is changing from a magazine to a catalog.

I'm interested to see if users really do buy things from Pinterest. 

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