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Why I Liquidated My Retirement Account and Bet On Myself

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You’re forgetting what makes it all worth it. It’s worth it because it’s risky. It’s not about a result, it’s about giving it your best, and daring greatly in the face of failure. Since the journey is all we have, the goal isn’t as important as the time you spent working toward it. Even when you “succeed”, taking risks is what keeps you alive, and the risks aren’t any less scary than when you started out.

The journey is the reward, and the reward comes when you risk yourself. You can’t lose. And when you can’t lose… it’s a great time to go to Vegas.

I think Dave Booda is downplaying how much it hurts when you risk and lose. 

Very similar ideas to Seth Godin, Carol Dweck, Brene Brown  --- to name a few.

Hmmm, I think of them all as having different ideas. 

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