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Wendy’s Is Landing in India But Where’s the Beef?

Wendy s Is Landing in India But Where s the Beef India Real Time WSJ

The burger joint has decided to drop beef from the menu for the first time ever. It will not serve the standard Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy Triple or any other burgers with beef when it opens its first Indian outlet in a Delhi suburb on Wednesday.

Instead, Wendy’s has crafted a new menu for India’s largely-vegetarian consumers, ranging from spinach-and-corn burgers to the standard potato patty burger found at most fast-food chains here.

To beef or not to beef, that was the question, said Jasper Reid, whose London company is helping with the launch of Wendy’s in India.

The chain decided against putting beef on its menu, he said, “because we don’t think there’s a mass market for it here.”

So what will Wendy’s serve its newest customers? Six vegetarian burgers stuffed with patties using everything from falafel to mushrooms. Meat lovers can choose from nine chicken and two lamb burgers.

Wendy’s will also have bacon on the menu in the form of the Baconator, its famous bacon burger that will be built using chicken patties instead of beef.

“What we’ve basically done is taken the soul of Wendy’s and put it into a new body,” Mr. Reid said.

Wendy s Is Landing in India But Where s the Beef India Real Time WSJ


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McDonalds in India does not offer beef, either. 

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