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The Elon Musk Book - Lefsetz Letter

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No wonder they all drop out of school.

That’s right, if you’re getting your MBA you’re learning how to get along. Those who change the world do not. They’re one step ahead of everybody else and frustrated that those behind them don’t get it, so they act in mercurial ways and get laughed at…until everybody embraces their creation and lionizes them.

Kind of like the Beatles. They were a joke before they ruled the world. With their long hair and yeah-yeah-yeahs.

My eyes were bugging out as I read Ashlee Vance’s tome. Because Elon Musk is all about changing the world. And we see very little of that in the music business anymore. In the arts, money is king. We laud the box office, not the reviews. Stagnation is rampant. But Elon Musk is going for the big reach.

What kind of guy does this?

One from a completely screwed-up background with something to prove.


Now if you read this book for tips, forget it. Innovators are born. That’s one thing Lady Gaga got right. And if you’re born this way you’re a leader, you have to be in control. If you wanna work at a company you’re a sheep. And we need sheep. But know who you are, don’t complain you can’t drive if you need someone else to give you directions.

And Elon risked his entire fortune. And almost ran out of money more than once. All in pursuit of his dream.

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