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Lycos is making a comeback with a suite of connected devices

Lycos is making a comeback with a suite of connected devices


Lycos is synonymous with the '90s. It was once the internet's favored portal, long before Google, Bing and other search engines. Nowadays, we're living in an era ruled by Silicon Valley giants and hungry startups, and Lycos wants to be a part of that. The company's plan to get into the connected world begins with Lycos Life, a data-driven ecosystem of products for consumers. This includes, but isn't limited to, wearables and home security devices -- all designed to work in conjunction with each other, based on your personal data. To start, Lycos is launching an activity tracker and a "smart" ring, both scheduled to be available on June 8th.

We say "smart" because the Life ring is just a wearable with two NFC chips in it, which will allow you to do things like unlock your phone and share some contact information -- though Lycos says more features are expected to roll out over the summer. The activity tracker, on the other hand, is a wristband that comes with a digital clock, the ability to track sleep and a heart rate monitor capable of providing a non-medical grade EKG (electrocardiogram) readout. If you're interested, the Life ring and activity tracker will be $60 and $125, respectively.

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Strange timing since Apple is also launching its HomeKit this week.

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