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Is it normal for a recruiter to call your current place of work?

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Today a recruiter called my current employer asking for me, and left her name and phone number.  The secretary at my work researched her name and found that she was a recruiter.   I feel this is a totally unprofessional "carpet bombing" tactic that leaves me the victim because it creates the impression that I'm in contact with recruiters, when in fact may be completely content with my gig.

the tactic works though

That is pretty damn shady.....

so did they actually call up here in the bay area to 'contact' you down there?

@Jason, yes, exactly! And offering relocation compensation so they have to know I'm not there.

And note, they called my work first, then they InMailed me, for which I responded no thanks in 2 minutes.

"They" say it's very common practice, but I agree with those who think it's highly unethical.

wow... just wow. Odd thing is I'm pretty much only still getting calls from LA/OC recruiters

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