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Trader Joe's ex-president to turn expired food into cheap meals

Trader Joe's Ex-President To Turn Expired Food Into Cheap Meals : The Salt : NPR

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Wow, that's really good of him. Especially since TJ's won't let Canada enjoy their food:

I note the article is from 2013. Has there been any follow up?

Yes Sir

Pleased to report:

Daily Table opened its doors Thursday with shelves full of surplus and aging food.

The nonprofit grocery store is in the low-to-middle income Boston neighborhood of Dorchester. It's selling canned vegetables two for $1 and a dozen eggs for 99 cents. Potatoes are 49 cents a pound. Bananas are 29 cents a pound.

"That's good. It's cheap! Everything good," says Noemi Sosa, a shopper marveling at the prices that — for Boston — are phenomenally low.

Daily Table founder Doug Rauch greets Latoya Rush after she walks into the store.i

Daily Table founder Doug Rauch greets Latoya Rush after she walks into the store.

Jesse Costa/WBUR

The reason these prices are so low? Most of the stock is donated by food wholesalers and markets. It either didn't sell or it's surplus.

The expiration date on foods like orange juice and even milk aren't indicators of when those products will go bad. The Salt Don't Fear That Expired Food

Grocery stores like Trader Joe's aren't donating any food to Daily Table yet, but the plan is to get food from them eventually, too.

It was Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's, who came up with this concept. He was frustrated by the amount of nutritious food that went into dumpsters, just because it was nearing its sell-by date. Meanwhile, millions of people don't eat very well. But Rauch had to fight the critics, who said he was just dumping food rejected by rich people on the poor.

Haha simultaneously.

Yes, nice simultaneous post. And Gammy posted your original link in 2013 so he's on it!

Wow that's amazing that Trader Joe's itself is not donating yet!

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