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Systemic Problems Require Systemic Solutions: Time to Talk About the Next System | Common Dreams

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After over forty years of working in the environmental movement, I have come to the conclusion that our largest problems—including climate change—are deeply rooted in our fundamental political-economic system. Working within it to achieve incremental changes, however valuable, will never be enough. Our current system is simply not programmed to secure the well-being of people, place, and planet. Its priorities instead are GDP growth, corporate profits, and the projection of national power—typically military.If we are to escape the crisis now unfolding around us, we must create a new system of political economy capable of taking us to a very different place, where outcomes that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic are commonplace. This is, I believe, the most important task we can engage in at this moment in history.

Yes. It's the government-industry machine. 

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