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Silicon Valley s2e9 "Binding Arbitration" gifs and memes

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Ending song: Portugal the Man - Evil Friends

Also, holy shit, has anybody thought about Jared being one of the boys from brazil?

I'm sorry. I don't know what it is you're referring to.

To get to the point of the reference, The Boys From Brazil is about a bunch of boys, from Brazil (after WWII), who are Hitler clones. They're clones, so they're not inherently evil, but Mengele is still alive in it and tries to make sure that they live similar enough lives that one of them can replace Hitler. Ends in a cliffhanger where it's implied that most of them are just normal kids, but one of them has delusions of grandeur.

If you've ever watched Archer, Krieger is implied to be a Boy from Brazil.

Ha, I didn't realize that about Krieger!

I wonder if Jared realizes who he's quoting. 

Jared quoting Hitler Triumph of the Will gif:

"They have the manpower. We have the perseverance. Triumph of the will."

"Work makes you free."

Thank you sportsziggy for this gif.

Reddit comments:

From s2e5 Jared yells angry German in his sleep:

More s2e5:

Mark Zuckerberg and Larry and Sergey from Google are fans of Silicon Valley:

Erlich nal dilation aside what do you think of our case meme Imgur tumblr Silicon Valley s2e9 binding arbitration

Godwin's Law finds its way into the script.  

In both episode 5 and episode 9 of season 2 Jared makes Nazi references.

My guess is that this is a future plot point they're planting the seeds for.

Then again, they might just be including that character tic because the writers think it's funny:

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