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Apple's Watch: A Timepiece Designed To Give You Back Your Time

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As an Android user, I am jelly

So why do I love it?

It lets me do the business of communicating without the temptations that come with my phone. That was Apple's pitch in the weeks leading up to the launch in late April: that this would be a device that gives you back time and even focused attention. I was skeptical, given that its primary function is to notify you that stuff is going on on your phone. And yet, it does work.

Before I got the watch, every text message or notification was an opportunity for prolonged distraction. I had to pull out my phone, and once it was out, what was there to prevent me from checking my Facebook page or Twitter or Instagram, or maybe all of them?

With the watch, the message comes in, and I can deal solely with it, without those other icons tempting me. And the watch parses incoming messages, anticipates my response and provides a few contextual answers, like, "I'm on my way" if someone says, "Are you there yet?" or "Yes" and "No" when it detects that kind of incoming question. The computer's textual interpretation is not that deep, but it doesn't have to be to give genuinely useful options. Between the auto-responses, and using voice-to-text, I find I don't need to type anything for most of the exchanges that I have during the day. The voice-to-text feature is particularly impressive. As long as the answer isn't too complex, the Watch handles most text-message level communications with ease.

When you sync your watch and phone, watch apps that correspond to your phone apps just appear. And the genius of the watch is that its apps work differently from the ones on your mobile device. Each tends to deliver a single function through the watch. If it's Uber, that function is to call a car. If it's Trulia, it's to look for home listings right around you. If it's ESPN, it's to give you scores for your favorite teams. Bloated apps get stripped down to their essential utility.

Is there not an Android version? If not, we can count on an Android version soon.

In the meantime there's Pebble Watch, right?

Good news: iOS 9, due out this fall, will make it easy to transition from Android to iPhone. 

I JUST leased an HTC One M9 @ $5/mo!   I'll call Tim.

Heh. How soon can you get out of your contract?

I really like my M9 ...

Well, I pointed out its worth waiting a few years for Apple Watch to improve anyway:

Thanks!  It will take me a few years to get used to the idea, because brand loyalty.

So you're saying there's a chance... In 2017 or 2018... :)

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