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The Wachowskis' Sense8 on Netflix Botches Its Fantastic Premise

Review The Wachowskis Sense8 on Netflix Botches Its Fantastic Premise The Atlantic


But the momentum simply isn’t there. The disconnected stories of Cloud Atlasthat the Wachowskis so admired worked on the page because David Mitchell is a talented wordsmith with a knack for suspense. Love, Actually, for whatever else you might say about it, packed in enough wit and sentiment so as to not bore people. The medium isn’t the problem: The sprawling, often disconnected ensemble of Game of Thrones hangs together on the strength of scene-to-scene acting and writing. Sense8 thinks as big as any of these works, but botches the small stuff, and the result is a show about humanity where it’s hard to care about any of the humans.

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Jupiter Rising was similarly panned. They've been in a slump lately. 

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