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A Spray Made from Plant Extracts Could Eliminate the Concept of 'In Season’ Fruit

A Spray Made from Plant Extracts Could Eliminate the Concept of In Season Fruit MUNCHIES


According to UK government waste adviser, WRAP, fruit and veg are some of the biggest culprits in the food industry to be wasted. It accounts for 13 percent of the country’s binned food, behind meat and poultry at 25 percent.

We may be guilty of throwing away around 3 million tons of fresh produce each year, but up to a quarter of all grown produce is spoiled before it even reaches our shopping baskets. This is for a multitude of reasons but to put it simply: it is often down to piss poor supply chain management.

Recognising that factors such as weather, refrigeration, and transportation are all contributing to this clusterfuck of fruit and veg, both entrepreneurs and scientists are attempting to tackle the problem with new edible coatings and sprays. These can be applied to produce post-harvest and before packaging, helping to improve farmers’ yields and cut food waste.

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It's really just about supply chain? Not sure I believe that.