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D.A.R.P.A. is lending a helping hand to peace – a mechanical one.


β€œThere is a new discovery that we made here besides all the technology. That discovery is that there is some new untapped affinity between people and robots that we saw really for the first time today.”

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Darpa officials have taken pains to assure anyone who would listen that it was not primarily interested in designing Terminators, or killer robots. The agency is an arm of the Pentagon, and its futuristic robots are an example of what is described as a β€œdual use” technology that will have both military and civilian uses.

What's the difference between a robot that only kills to keep peace, and a robot that kills for war?

No, no, no – that's not the option:

It's a robot that kills AND can serve you a breve cafe latte without screwing it up ...Β 

And that's much better in my estimation – full fat in your coffee saves the day!

Just because a robot CAN kill doesn't mean it has to kill, right?

And yes, the latte makes things extra delicious.

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