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A $1,495 toaster oven takes the guesswork out of cooking

A 1 495 toaster oven takes the guesswork out of cooking


It may look like the toaster oven that you fed yourself with that time you were on the lam and hiding in a seedy motel, but this could be the future of cooking. Meet June, a tabletop oven that combines cutting-edge heating elements, clever sensors and smartphone technology to build "the computer... that cooks." Technology-wise, there's an NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip with a 2.3GHz quad-core processor paired with a 5-inch touchscreen and a "full HD" camera that's been embedded in the ceiling. You guessed it: the camera is for posting pictures of your culinary concoctions to Instagram.

Actually, that's a lie, because the camera is also used by the device to try and identify the food you're preparing to cook. Paired with a weight-sensing roof (you balance the food on top before you load it in), it's hoped that it won't be long before June will work out food you're about to nuke and calculate a cooking time based on its weight. If, like me, you're always overcooking meat to avoid food poisoning, you can hook up the built-in temperature probe for an unprecedented level of precision. If it needs to, the device will actually variate the temperature without you having to set an alarm and sprint into the kitchen when the recipe says turn the heat down after the first 30 minutes.

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Even if it integrates with my smartwatch, $1500 is steep for a toaster.

Uh... am I an idiot because I don't see all that much "guesswork" in cooking!?!? I put it in the oven until it looks and smells done, and that kinda always works for me because food that looks and smells done meets the definition of being done.

Oh and here's my big tip after an adult lifetime of cooking: 80% of recipes will turn out fine at 350 degrees. The other 20%, you probably need to understand what you're doing before you do it.

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