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Is The Open-Office Trend Reversing Itself?

Is The Open Office Trend Reversing Itself Co Exist ideas impact


In an effort to conserve space, improve employee communications, and save money, many companies became gung-ho about open-office designs in the last several years. At more and more workplaces today, you'll find workers crammed into cavernous (but beautiful) rooms without walls. Whether employees like these layouts is a contentious debate (as Fast Companystaff had once,  here).

Now the backlash against open offices has begun. Steelcase designs closed spaces to retrofit open offices so introverts don't hate them. Some tech companies are rethinking their open plans altogether. But few are quite ready to give up on the open office completely. Instead, companies seem to be looking for a middle ground.

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I'm glad the trend is reversing. I don't like open space.

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