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VC Firms Aren't Investing in Diversity. It's a Bad Move.

VC Firms Aren t Investing in Diversity It s a Bad Move WIRED


Intel also says it didn’t have any problem tracking down plenty of companies with diverse leadership to consider among its initial investments. Calling the tech’s supposed pipeline problem “a fallacy,” Lambert says that she and her team at Intel Capital  identified over a hundred prospective investments—something she credits to the diversity of the company’s networks. “I think the idea of pattern recognition, the idea that we source through our networks is real,” she says. “But if you can change the pattern a bit, you can find that you’ve got plenty of sources.”

Another force in Silicon Valley that could reap the benefits of a more diverse portfolio are the female entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists coming together in firms and networks to share funding possibilities and investment advice. Though such female-led funding outfits don’t tend to explicitly require that a company’s founders or executives within a company be women or part of a minority group—Intel Capital’s diversity fund does—these outfits are reaching into their networks to seek and create more diverse opportunities.

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Not investing in diversity is a bad social decision AND a bad business decision.

Intel Capital's diversity fund sounds like a great idea.

We agree!

we agree with intel capital diversity fund

That makes me happy!

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