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Why don't we just terraform Earth?

Why don t we just terraform Earth Hopes&Fears flow Science


When Elon Musk launches his rocket out to retire onto the possibly-habitable wilds of Mars, one can safely assume that you and I and everyone we know will not be on that flight.

Nor will estimated millions of climate change refugees, like the people of the Carteret Islands, whose home is expected to go completely underwater this year. If it's possible to alter an entire planet's climate to make it habitable, then why doesn't our news feed fixate on renovating Earth? Amongst armageddon prophecies of climate change's global environmental destruction, is our desire to start over on Mars– terraforming an entire planetary atmosphere from scratch– a basic concession that Earth's non-super rich are evolution's losers? 

In the past few years, science has lurched closer to envisioning habitable Mars, though at the moment estimates for creating breathable oxygen range from hundreds to 100,000 years in the future, the soil is currently toxic to astronauts, and travel is so unwieldy that scientists have proposed "printing" humans on Mars. Meanwhile, I wondered why not make Earth's increasingly inhospitable deserts greener.

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Terraforming earth's deserts seems like a much more feasible idea than inhabiting Mars. 

I hope NASA is allowed to study this.

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