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‚ÄčThe AI That Learned Magic (the Gathering)

The AI That Learned Magic the Gathering Motherboard


Magic the Gathering is a complex,¬†nerdtastic phenomenon; it‚Äôs part¬†Lord of the Rings, part chess. In simpler, better times, when I was just a wide-eyed kid with a black deck, the fantasy card game was fairly simple, and mostly casual‚ÄĒnot yet the¬†$250 million-a-year industry¬†it is today. In 2015, the game is both big business and a full-blown subculture, home to a huge community of casual players, a competitive pro circuit, and now, its very own artificial intelligence‚ÄĒone that generates thousands of brand new cards by mining the data of the old.

Reed Morgan Milewicz, a programmer and computer science researcher, may be the first person to teach an AI to do Magic, literally. 

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One step closer to the Singularity!

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