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Game of Thrones s5e10 Precap: The Season 5 Finale Is Upon Us!

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Nate asks, “Is it realistic to think that only three dragons will be enough to take over the world? Drogon seemed to have taken a beating from the Sons of Harpy before throwing up deuces with Khaleesi on board. That makes me think that these dragons need to start reproducing soon in order to provide the firepower that the Mother of Dragons needs.”

Aegon the Conqueror successfully invaded the Seven Kingdoms with only three dragons and a few hundred men-at-arms. So, it can be done. But Aegon’s dragons — his own Balerion the Black Dread along with his sister-wife’s mounts Meraxes and Vhagar — were fully mature. Balerion in particular was over a century old and as large as a commercial aircraft.

Historical sources on dragons are few and far between, and what does exist is either fragmentary or inaccessible. This is due to the destruction of Valyrian knowledge and culture resulting from the Doom and the fact that the Maesters, who were and are distrustful of magic and may have covertly worked toward the extinction of the Targaryen dragons, are custodians of Westeros’s learning. The Citadel has an incomplete copy of The Fires of the Freehold, Galendro’s much-sought-after history of Valyria, as well as the only known copy, locked away in a vault, of the anonymously written The Death of Dragons. The great Septon Barth, who rose to King’s Hand under Jaehaerys the Conciliator, wrote a treatise on dragons called Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History, but all copies of the book were destroyed on the order of King Baelor the Blessed. In the books, one of Tyrion’s self-appointed side quests on the way to Meereen was to search the libraries of Volantis for any dragon information that may have survived the Doom and the purges of Westeros. 

Existing dragon research sources are contradictory on the question of the creatures’ reproductive habits. Some Maesters think dragons are/were hermaphroditic, capable of changing their sex as a response to environmental changes. Just as many disagree with that hypothesis, though. Obviously, the creatures lay eggs. The Targaryen royals would put dragon eggs into their children’s cribs. If the cradle eggs hatched, as they apparently often did, this was taken as a good omen in regard to the child’s natural ability to ride dragons. After the last dragons died, numerous attempts at hatching existing dragon eggs were made, many ending in tragedy. 

So, assuming Dany’s dragons are mature enough to lay eggs, will they hatch? We still don’t really know how Dany hatched her three eggs in the first place.

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