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Starbreeze has its own VR headset to show off at E3

Starbreeze has its own VR headset to show off at E3 PCGamesN


Starbreeze have acquired French VR company InfinitiEye, and the headset itself is called Project StarVR. It’s interesting in that it features two display panels to create a 210 degree field of view, which is more than double that of Oculus Rift’s 100 degrees. These two 5.5 inch display panels will create a 5120x1440 resolution.

The headset is being officially revealed at E3, and will be showing off Overkill’s new The Walking Dead game. 

"Back in 2012 when consumers regained faith in VR, we were already working on this concept, but I had the feeling immersion wasn't complete and thought I could do better," said InfinitEye CEO Lionel Anton. 

The headset is designed to be used with the Valhalla engine, which has also been acquired by Starbreeze. Valhalla also works with “several headsets currently on the market” so appears to be designed for VR in generally, rather than just the StarVR.

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Right now it's interesting to see what's possible but the key to mainstream will be making it inexpensive.

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