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“I’m more similar to Elon.” ~1 of the 5 silliest things Chris Sacca said to Emily Chang in June 2015

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But as someone whose net worth once swung from $12 million to a negative $2 million, he also spouts a not insignificant amount of bullshit — you can almost see its dribbling remnants on the cowboy blouses he loves to wear.

The BS ran thick in an interview he gave to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang that aired last evening on Bloomberg West. You can watch the full clips from the video here or just read the five most ridiculous quotes from the interview:

1. “[Uber] is truly limitless.”

2. “I’ve never seen anyone better dressed than [Kevin Systrom]”

3. “I didn’t pass [on Snapchat] as much as I didn’t follow up.”

4. “Travis [Kalanick] can spend eight to ten hours in a hot tub.”

5. “I’m more similar to Elon [Musk].”

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I wonder what he believes the word "limitless" means.

I do like Kevin Systrom's salmon shirts.

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