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Nail Biting May Arise from Perfectionism

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Not super sure what the difference between perfectionism/boredom and anxiety is... but if there is one, nail biting seems to be driven more by the former than the latter.

So scientists are saying I need to work on my perfectionist beliefs?

As many as one in 20 people suffer from body-focused repetitive disorders, engaging in behaviors such as biting their nails or plucking out hair until they damage their appearance or cause themselves pain. These disorders are related to tic disorders and, more distantly, obsessive-compulsive disorder. As such, the repetitive behavior is extremely difficult to quit—yet many people continue to think they simply have a nervous habit and are too weak-willed to overcome it.

yep. their actions may help soothe boredom, irritation and dissatisfaction.

No wonder I've never been able to break this bad habit. 

Hi Adam!  Curious about your "perfectionistic beliefs" -- a mixed blessing!

I don't think I have them but I am a nailbiter so this article says I have them!

LOL!  I guess you would know....?

Well, it's surprisingly hard to give up the habit. Always has been for me. 

I think virtually ANY habit is hard to break!  A lot goes in to breaking even the simple-est of habits.  After all, nail-baiting is not intrinsically that harmful.

True, it's not intrinsically harmful but I'd still like to figure out a way not to do it.

Perhaps what I really need to work on is not being perfectionist. 

I've never been able to break the habit and I've driven loved ones nuts with it as well as my perfectionism. I'm a perfectionist and wish I wasn't. When it comes to driving in particular, lack of a turn signal drives me crazy. I don't read minds. And slower traffic keep right! See? Even now I harp on it. 

Joel, I know the feeling. Perfectionism is a strange affliction because it's hard to let it go!

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