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Superhuman Sports: The Japanese Society Turning Athletics into a Video Game

Superhuman Sports The Japanese Society Turning Athletics into a Video Game Motherboard


Imagine if you could use augmented reality to turn football into a real-life video game. Or how about racing against another person in an exoskeleton? Such visions for the future of sport aren’t just the stuff of fiction, they’re actually some of the ideas that Japan’s “Superhuman Sports Society” are toying with right now.

The Superhuman Sports Society, or S3, which launched earlier this month, might sound like another oddball Japanese export. But the group made up of researchers, game devs, artists, athletes, and designers has concrete plans to pioneer new forms of sport for what it dubs an “augmented human.” They basically want to use wearable technologies to turn your sporting experience into an IT-powered show.

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Wow, this sounds like fun!

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