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Here's The Real Science Behind Jurassic World

Here s The Real Science Behind Jurassic World


“We are actually a very long way from cloning extinct dinosaurs,” Barta says. It’s not that the science of cloning hasn’t come a long way since Jurassic Park first captured our imaginations with mosquitos in amber. But to clone a dinosaur you’d need dinosaur DNA, which simply can’t last 65 million years—in amber, or otherwise. “It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever be able to recover enough DNA from something like a tyrannosaurus to ever make a complete clone of it. There’s the potential that someday we may recover fragments, but not really enough to clone an animal.” Ironically, Barta explains, it’s more likely that scientists could engineer a hybrid maniac dinosaur like Indominus Rex than recreate an original dinosaur in all its glory. “If you can clone dinosaurs, you can also do gene splicing,” he says. “The major barrier is cloning them in the first place.”

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Good to know dinosaurs won't be re-joining the planet anytime soon.

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