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AT&T just got hit with a $100 million fine after slowing down its ‘unlimited’ data

AT&T just got hit with a 100 million fine after slowing down its unlimited data The Washington Post


The Federal Communications Commission slapped AT&T with a $100 million fine Wednesday, accusing the country's second largest cellular carrier of improperly slowing down Internet speeds for customers who had signed up for "unlimited" data plans.

The FCC found that when customers used up a certain amount of data watching movies or browsing the Web, AT&T "throttled" their Internet speeds so that they were much slower than normal. Millions of AT&T customers were affected by the practice, according to the FCC.

The fine, which AT&T could challenge, is the largest ever levied by the agency.

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Nice to see some actual enforcement at the FCC.

FINALLY. I have long suspected AT&T of throttling. Comcast too.

I love how everyone is not surprised by this. AT&T is the WORST. Spoke with *7* reps in two days trying to resolve a bogus a charge on my bill. Their 'process' and overall customer service sucks. We basically broke up yesterday and I'm rebounding with T-Mobile because they just get me:

I'm glad they get you. :)

I'm not sure AT&T is the worst, but they're bad. Comcast is bad. Verizon is bad.

I'm sure others are bad too. They're more guided by profit than by quality of service.