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Comments All The Way Along... (hattip Geege, hatnote Wikipedia...)

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What... What is this? :)

I used to sail offshore.  Bioluminescence in the darkest nights at sea under starry skies are miraculous and marvelous.  The stars overhead are in distant contrast and complement to the stars illuminated by our own progress below...

Are we not the stuff of stars?

Progress in this life also creates an illuminating wake wherever life surrounds us... and well before we discover the sound of one hand clapping comes the sounds of all comments being shared among us... 

This New Yorker article that Geege posted in Google+

includes a link to very cool site.  And until reading that post and hitting that link I'd not ever thought of anything as soothing and interesting as bioluminescence as is revealed by the project...

How simply we can draw out synesthesia from everyone else who is right now putting something living in to Wikipedia... we are surrounded by our collective progress.  I also really dig the soothing tonality of the playlist.

I'm sure others might prefer different tones...

Bioluminescence is light from living things?

And the playlist is a musical interpretation of the comments in Wikipedia?

Yes we are all made of stars but I'm still failing to make the connection between the playlist and light. 

More musing on poetical parallelism than scientific proof and lock-step conclusions:

When one creates a physical presence that moves living things around within their place in ocean water they make light...

When one creates a physical edit that moves living lines around in Wikipedia they now make sounds...

One is characteristic of rhumb line progress across an open expanse of living sea, the other is living progress towards an ever tightening rhumb line of human understanding at the highest latitudes...

Ah, it's the poetry in motion: Words dance like music and life dances like light!

Ultimately both are just tiny manifestations of the stardust that is us on the pale blue dot.

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