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Tony Hawk Is America's Cool Dad

Tony Hawk Is America s Cool Dad VICE United States


Tony Hawk has done things that mortal men can only aspire to. He was in the legendary skate video Animal Chin. He was in both Police Academy IV and a Weird Al music video. He did the first successful 900 in 1999, and has been doing them ever since. He skateboarded inside of the White House and did not get tackled by a battalion of Secret Service agents for doing so. He has 6.1 million "likes" on Facebook. He can do five 900s in the time that it takes for you to set up your WiFi. He is a 47-year-old millionaire who still dresses like he's 14. He is America's Cool Dad. He is probably doing a 900 right now.

According to statistics provided to me by Activision, the Tony Hawk video games have sold over 40 million copies, which apparently makes it the third best-selling sports franchise of all time. I have no idea if this is true, but it feels correct. What I do know is that Tony Hawk Pro Skater helped kick off a generation's interest in punk, skateboarding, and alternative culture in general. Its influence cannot be overstated.

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He does seem pretty cool!

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