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Interview with Neal Stephenson

The People Who Survive an interview with Neal Stephenson author of Seveneves


SevenevesThere’s nothing pint-sized about Neal Stephenson. He’s famous not only for his supersized books (the last three clocking in between 850 and 1,050 pages); he’s also made a career of unpacking Big Ideas on everything from modernity and the nature of time to nanotechnology and our genetically-engineered future.

In his new science fiction book Seveneves, Stephenson lays out a scenario for how humanity could survive a catastrophic natural disaster. Strictly as an exercise in visionary technology, it’s a virtuoso performance. But this isn’t just a manual on how to carry on after the apocalypse. He also has plenty to say about human relationships aboard a spacecraft and what our future might look like thousands of years from now.

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He's the opposite of GRRM. He pumps out huge books quickly and regularly.

both are one of my favorites.

Similar style?

no. they do write big books though.

You like big books and you cannot lie!

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