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Is It Really Possible To "Unripen" A Banana With A Hairdryer And Some Rice?

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I am finding this hard to believe. 


What conclusions did we draw from our investigation? We actually did try this ourselves in the office, and were left with nothing but a still-rotten banana. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we simply have another case of the internet leading us up the garden path for reasons that only the individuals coming up with this rubbish will know.

You can't revive a rotten banana. This leaves us with two hypotheses – by placing the banana in the fridge, the banana flesh is preserved but the skin goes brown (which is what we're seeing in this video). Placing the banana in the rice removes moisture from the skin, and gently heating the banana back to a normal temperature may reverse the effects of cooling on the skin, restoring the color.

...That, or it's simply lighting or computer trickery.

Happy to know my skeptical intuition is correct!

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